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“I must say that one cannot find a mortgage broker like Rajeev Talwar. He is so helping and responsible. I know him for the past 7 years and I have no words for him. Excellent.. Excellent.. Excellent!”

Devarshi & Darshana Patel

“Thank you for helping us with our mortgage and making it so easy for us.”

Safaa Alhamadani

“We appreciate what you have done for us with our mortgage and we are looking forward for your continued help in the future.”

Nadira & Yazid Ali

“For my mortgage and housing related needs, I count on Rajeev. Professional and knowledgeable, Rajeev Talwar is also a creative thinker and with his domain expertise and the experience in this field, he can quickly create and customize a solution to suit different needs and this makes him stand out in an otherwise crowded market.”

Tanmay Dasgupta

“I wanted to refinance my home and for that i needed Mortgage. Rajeev was a great guy to work with. He gave us a great rate, very professional, eveything that he promised us came through. It’s very difficult to find a honest mortgage broker but with him thats not the case! It was a pleasure working with him. I highly recommend him!! I would rate his service five star and now onwards for any mortgage service he will be my choice.”

Beena and Prashant Acharya

“Rajeev, It has been an absolute pleasure working you. Your prompt and courteous service was amazing. Thank you for your support, knowledge and time on the services you have provided, and keeping us informed and listening to our needs. It was a great environment you gave us. I would highly recommend you to my family and friends.”

Dolly and Cajetan Fernandes

“I have worked with Rajeev on a few occasions. He has helped me get my first mortgage at a very good interest rate, and has also assisted me in re-financing my home, again at a very good interest rate. I am soon looking into buying a new house, and there is no other person I would go to but Rajeev. It is just not because of his great work ethic, but also deep care and understanding for the customer he carries. Moreover, my son who is soon to graduate and will be looking for his first house, there is no other specialist that I will send him to, but Rajeev. I know it becomes mind boggling when looking for help, but trust me, from my personal experience Rajeev is willing to take over your problems and provide you with solutions.”

Satwinder Gill

“Many thanks for your help and support. You truly made a difference in the quality of our lives with your excellent, expert and timely advise.”


“Rajeev and Mamta thank you beyond words for the incredible efforts that you two made happen to close my mortgage. I could never repay you for the happiness you have given me.”

Mena Bishay.